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[STX Corporation] STX Corporation launched beverage brand "Méshil" in France on October 11th.

  STX Corporation launched a new beverage brand “Méshil” in the French market on October 11th. STX Corporation, which has entered


[STX Corporation] A Newly Appointed Representative Director, Sang Jun Park

                  STX Corporation appointed Sang Jun Park as a new representative di


[STX Corporation] Termination of STX Corporation Joint Administrative Proceedings with Credit Bank Council on August 21, 2018

STX Corporation finally graduated from a joint administrative proceeding with Creditor Bank Council on August 21, 2018. STX Corporation anno


[STX Corporation] A Diversified Business Portfolio of STX Corporation with its newly launched natural shampoo brand, La Ecolovest

  On June, 15th, 2016, STX Corporation successfully launched its very first shampoo brand, “La Ecolovest” Its product, Eco-Love, is


[STX Corporation] 2016 STX Company Outing at the Motorboat Racing Park

On April 23rd, STX Corporation held its annual company outing at the Motorboat Racing Park outside Seoul. The invitation was sent to every e


[STX Corporation] STX Corporation presents the state-of-the art Anti-Drone Solution

STX Corporation (President Choong-il, Seo) plans on displaying its state-of-the art Anti-Drone Solution, “DroneTracker”   STX Corpora


[STX Corporation] “STX Corporation held its 2016 first-half year division based workshop”

STX Corporation 2016 first-half year division based workshop took place in February and March. The workshop is meant to solidify the bond be


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