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경영비전(Vision, Core Value, Slogen)
Vision : Global Value Innovator
Core Value : Passion(맡은 업무에 열정적으로 일하고, 적극적 자세로 꿈꾸고 이를 실현함 / Trust(최고의 서비스를 제공, 최대 만족을 보장하는 믿음직한 파트너 / Happiness(새로운 가치창출을 통한 내외부 이해관계자의 행복 극대화 추구
Slogan : Connect the World, Link the Dream

Vision:Global Value Innovator
  • Global

    Signifies the attitude of STX staff who travel to wherever in the world with an opportunity, across all borders


    Signifies ceaseless development of new values that enable sustainable growth


    Signifies our resolution to be the world’s leading innovator that provides customers with the best possible service by continuously obtaining, developing and transforming their needs into solution.

Core Value:Passion, Trust, Happiness
  • Passion

    Signifies the strong passion of all officers and staff.
    Engaged in the assigned work with passion, and realizes our & our customers’ dream with positive attitude


    Signifies a reliable STX capable of gaining our customers’ trust. A reliable partner who provides the best service and ensures the greatest satisfaction


    Signifies our pursuit of the greatest happiness for all persons concerned, both within the corporation and externally, by creating new values

Slogan:Connect the World, Link the Dream
  • Expresses STX as a specialized trading company which connects the needs of customers in every corner of the world to create greater values

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