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We always stand beside you in order to realize the maximum value

Welcome to STX Corporation.

Thank you for your support and encouragement to STX Corporation.

Since its establishment as a business-oriented holding company in 2001, STX Corporation has grown into a ‘General Trading Company’ by abundant business know-how and global networks. With the relentless business operations all over the world concentrating on the field of energy, commodity and machinery trading, shipping and logistics, STX Corporation finalized its normalization program with Credit Banks in August 2018, which now endeavors to create new STX Corporation.

For a leap towards ‘the leading General Trading Company’ in the world, we will continue to develop new growth businesses and to seek the greatest happiness of our customers and shareholders.

Unceasing Challenge and Innovation for Developing New Growth Businesses
STX Corporation plans to develop new growth businesses through consistent challenge and innovation in the rapidly changing business environment. In order that, we will expand our overseas bases in Asia and South America by utilizing our accumulated business know-how and global networks, and expand our business area by opening new markets such as Africa. Especially, through assertive development of new projects in the fields of shipping, defense, raw materials, and commodities, we will create synergies with existing businesses, and enhance the quality of operations and profitability.

Seeking the Greatest Happiness of Customers and Shareholders
STX Corporation will always create new values and do its best to ensure that the greatest happiness of customers and shareholders be realized. Implementing sustainable management through transparent and exemplary management and mutual growth with shareholders, clients, and other stakeholders, STX Corporation will be a socially respectable company.

We ask for your steadfast support and encouragement for our leap towards being ‘the leading General Trading Company’.

Thank you.

sang-jun,park CEO
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