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  • Customers

    We will fulfill all promises made to our customers without fail.

    • Reliable Products and Services
      Our Promises
      We will develop the world’s best products through ceaseless technology development and innovative activities, and exert our efforts to build up our customers’ confidence by taking into consideration the safety, health and environment of our customers through the entire processes of the design, development, production, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal of our products and services.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We secure outstanding technologies and service competitiveness through creative innovation and ceaseless efforts for technology development in order to provide the world’s best products and services.
      2. We maintain the best quality and stability by establishing and managing quality policies and work procedures based on international standards as well as local laws and regulations.
      3. We take into consideration our customers’ safety and health as well as potential dangers through the entire processes of the design, development, production, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal of our products and services, and inform our customers of a series of related activities.
    • Fulfillment of Customer Satisfaction Management
      Our Promises
      We will collect our customers’ opinions through various methods and systems and provide customers with sufficient information so that they can make reasonable decisions on purchases and protect their profits.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We collect customers’ complaints and opinions through various communication channels and reflect them on our overall management policies including product development, production and service activities.
      2. We installed and opened a department responsible for customer satisfaction to ensure that our customers’ requirements, complaints and suggestions are dealt with effectively and professionally.
      3. We exert our best efforts to prevent unfair treatment from occurring to customers in the course of settling customer complaints or disputes by establishing a customer management policy based on domestic and overseas laws and standards.
      4. We do not provide false or exaggerated information that may bewilder customers or omit important information that may significantly influence customers in making reasonable decisions.
    • Thorough Protection of Customer Information
      Our Promises
      We will collect customer information by just and lawful means and thoroughly protect unauthorized use and leakage of such information.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. When collecting customer information, we explain the purpose of its use clearly, obtain customer consent, and perform a series of processes in a lawful and just manner.
      2. Unless otherwise agreed upon by a customer or allowed by law, we do not use personal information of our customers for uses other than for the purposes for which it has been provided, or do not provide it to a third party.
      3. We treat and protect personal information as confidentially as our own, and prevent unauthorized access and leaks.
  • Officers and Staff

    We will fulfill all promises made to our officers and staff without fail.

    • Healthy Workplace
      Our Promises
      We will take into consideration as a top priority the safety and health of our officers and staff, and exert our best efforts to create a work environment that guarantees their physical and mental health.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We operate an organization related to safety and health in which labor and management participate together, and have established a company policy taking into consideration international standards and local laws and regulations. In particular, we provide instructions on safety and health for workers and educate officers and staff regarding safety and health matters so that they can fully understand the instructions.
      2. We provide and positively utilize the system through which officers and staff can inquire and consult about safety and health.
      3. We monitor, manage and share the status of safety accidents, and improve the facilities and environment to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents.
    • Organizational Culture for Mutual Respect
      Our Promises
      We will recognize the diversity of all officers and staff regardless of their nationality, sex, religion, race, handicap, etc., and respect and protect their basic human rights guaranteed by domestic and overseas laws and regulations.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. Basic human rights guaranteed legally and socially for all officers and staff must be protected regardless of any of the following conditions:
        - Race, skin color, sex, age, marital status, pregnancy, language, religion, political view, nationality, people, social position, asset, origin, handicap, gender identity, HIV/AIDS infection, etc.
      2. We created an organization culture of mutual respect and consideration by eliminating discriminative elements in the workplace and mutually observing proper etiquette.
      3. We observe labor related laws and regulations of the concerned country, and prohibit oppressive and compulsory labor and child labor.
      4. We guarantee universal rights related to human rights including the freedom of opinion, expression, right for privacy protection, right for participation in elections, etc.
    • Fair Personnel Management and Balance between Work and Living
      Our Promises
      We will provide opportunities for work and education through which all officers and staff can exhibit their capability to the maximum extent, achieve fair compensation according to their capability and performance, and provide support to them so that they can live a balanced life, by introducing various welfare systems.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We provide reasonable working conditions related to wages, working hours, leave, etc., taking into consideration international standards and laws and regulations of the concerned country, and maintain business relations with partners having a legitimate custom of labor relations.
      2. We assign jobs to an individual suitable to his/her capability and qualifications, and provide an opportunity for promotion as well as compensation by fairly evaluating him/her according to his/her performance.
      3. We established a policy for education and training of employees for the improvement of their capability and job performing ability.
      4. We introduced various welfare systems so that officers and staff can maintain balanced living, and, in particular, provide aggressive support of social security systems in cases of injuries, diseases, pregnancy, infant care, old age, unemployment, handicap, etc.
  • Shareholders and Investors

    We fulfill our promises made to shareholders and investors without fail.

    • Protection of Interests of Shareholders and Investors
      Our Promises
      We will respect the rights and interests of shareholders and investors, and provide them with the greatest value by maximizing the profit of the company through transparent and responsible management.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We perform the most efficient management activities through advanced corporate governance structure and transparent BOD operation, and secure the trust of shareholders and investors.
      2. We guarantee to the maximum extent all rights of shareholders and investors, specified by laws and regulations, including the right to participate in shareholders’ meetings and exercise equal voting rights according to the number of shares they own as well as the right for profit sharing.
      3. We provide shareholders and investors with sufficient timely information necessary for the execution of their rights, including financial information and important information on management activities.
      4. We maximize the return on investment of shareholders by increasing corporate value through creative growth strategies and continuous management innovation activities.
    • Protection of Company’s Assets
      Our Promises
      We will exert our efforts to protect our assets, prevent them from being damaged and removed without authorization, and maintain confidentiality.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We established a policy and system for the protection of tangible and intangible assets of the company to prevent them being damaged and removed without authorization.
      2. We established an IT security system and monitor it periodically in order to prevent the company’s important, confidential business information from being leaked.
  • Partners

    We will fulfill the promises made to our partners without fail.

    • Fair Business Relations
      Our Promises
      We will observe domestic and overseas laws and regulations regarding business with our partners, build transparent and fair trade systems, and exert our efforts to eradicate unfair trade using superior positions.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We established a voluntary monitoring system against unfair transactions by establishing a policy related to fair trade based on domestic laws and regulations and by operating a voluntary observation program for fair trade.
      2. We provide equal business opportunities regarding the selection of partners and transactions, and perform transactions according to fair and reasonable standards and procedures.
      3. Partners shall recognize themselves as a strategic partner and must not make unreasonable demands using their superior position.
      4. We provide officers and staff with periodical education about the company’s policy regarding fair and transparent trade to prevent the occurrence of unfair and unethical activities.
    • Support for Shared Growth
      Our Promises
      We will unsparingly provide positive support to our partners so that they can grow being equipped with long-term competiveness, as well as bases for creative shared growth through smooth communication with them.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. Within the range stipulated by laws, we provide our partners with financial support, technical support, educational support, manpower support, etc., so that they can grow with competitiveness.
      2. We provide communication channels through which our partners can propose their opinions at anytime, and we exert our efforts to positively reflect the opinions collected through these channels on our management activities.
      3. In order to establish ethical business relations, all officers and staff of STX Corporation and its partners must sign a written oath for ethical management that promises transparent and fair trade and observe it.
      4. We recommend that our partners fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities, and motivate them to practice ethical management by including ethical management elements in assessment items and evaluating them.
  • 사회

    We will fulfill the promises made to the society without fail.

    • Efforts to Make Fair Society
      Our Promises
      Without making profits in illegal and unfair ways in all countries and regions where we are operating our business, we will exert our efforts to create a fair social atmosphere and contribute to the increase in market efficiency by observing agreements between countries and local laws and regulations.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. In principle, we prohibit corrupt acts including direct or indirect bribery to public officials, politicians, individuals or persons concerned, as well as money laundry, etc., in all domestic and overseas business fields.
      2. We do not exercise a political influence in an unfair manner to achieve a purpose, and we practice responsible participation in policy by developing public policy beneficial to society overall.
      3. In order to promote fair trade and increase market efficiency, we eradicated the practices of price-fixing and bid-rigging using superior positions in the market.
      4. We established and practiced policies to protect all property rights including physical and intellectual property rights which are not stipulated by laws.
    • Contribution to Development of Local Society
      Our Promises
      We will exert our best efforts to contribute to economic development in local communities by observing local laws and regulations and by continuously creating jobs as well as by making sustainable investments, and will help develop rich and sound local communities by expanding a sharing and win-win culture.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We collect complaints and opinions of local communities through various communication channels, and reflect them positively over the entire management and solve them.
      2. We contribute to the economic development of local communities by observing laws and regulations of local communities and by faithfully fulfilling the duty of tax payment, job creation, technology transfer, donations, etc.
      3. We respect the culture of local communities, and fulfill the responsibility and play a role as a corporate citizen with a positive interest in and participation in public interest activities including the development of education and culture, enhancement of health and welfare, etc.
    • Practicing Green Management
      Our Promises
      In order to protect the global environment and prevent depletion of resources enjoyed by future generations, we at STX Corporation will exert efforts to create advanced environmental value through environment-friendly and green management including environment protection, response to climate change, restoration of ecosystems, etc.
      Fulfillment of Promises
      1. We exert efforts to preserve the environment by not only preventing wastes, contaminants and hazardous substances from being emitted into the air or discharged into the water systems but also by preventing all pollutants which have a negative influence on the health and peace of communities.
      2. We provide governments and international societies support for their efforts to respond to climate change, and promote activities to reduce greenhouse gas emission by coming up with methods to respond to greenhouse gas emissions.
      3. We exert efforts to prevent depletion of resources to be enjoyed by future generations by efficiently using energy and raw materials over the entire processes of providing all products and services.
      4. We recognize our responsibility to protect and restore the ecosystem around our workplaces, and actively participate in related activities.
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