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  • STX Marine Service

    STX Marine Service delivers outstanding service in ship management and the marine engineering business. The company is expanding its service areas into marine & offshore services, power plant services, and part supply services based on 50 years of know-how and excellent human resources. STX Marine Service plans to enhance core competencies, customer service channels and well-established manpower, to become a global total service provider of premium services.

    Ship Management & Marine Engineering
    STX Marine Service provides total management services from a ship's birth to death, which entails shipbuilding supervision, crew & ship management, insurance, accident resolution, commercial help, and the various tasks assigned by ship owners. STX Marine Service possesses superior ship management and supervision technologies as well as its own processes and systems on various types of vessels including bulk carriers, containers, tankers, PCTCs, ice breakers, floating load facilities, and special purposed ships. STX Marine Service also boasts skilled manpower, which has been extensively trained over a long time in maintenance & supervision areas. STX Marine Service has recently started offering energy-saving solutions and implements eco-friendly services such as greenhouse gas emissions monitoring to meet customer needs and provide a differentiated service.

    Marine & Offshore Service
    STX Marine Service offers quality technical services including commissioning, parts supply, maintenance, technical support & supervising, engineer training, and so on. And the company develops solutions to improve engine and equipment performance and meet recent strict environmental regulations. To meet our global customers' demands, STX Marine Service is expanding its business scope into the energy development industry by providing offshore services.

    Plant Services
    STX Marine Service offers comprehensive services for power plants. We provide fully integrated services in every aspect of various types of power plants not only commercial O&M but also project management, system and equipment engineering, commissioning, and other assistance including technical support and personnel training. With the successful O&M work for the 900MW power plant in Iraq, our service field keeps expanding to more extensive areas in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

    Parts Supply Service
    STX Marine Service supplies a full range of parts for the engines and equipment of ships and plants. In order to realize better delivery times and more competitive prices, STX Marine Service operates warehouses in key hubs worldwide including Korea, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA, and we keep trying to improve our service quality by instituting global logistics systems.
  • STX Resort

    Established in 2007, STX Resort offers the highest quality services under the management philosophy of improving the quality of life for clients. STX Resort is composed of two business divisions. The Resort Business Division provides various services including leisure, accommodation, banquets, and sports facilities mainly from its resort located in Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The FS (Food System) Business Division operates mass catering and dining services as well as premium restaurants.

    Resort Business Division
    STX Resort is a high-quality leisure facility that offers its visitors both relaxation and recreation, located in Mungyeong, a city blessed with wonderful natural landscapes such as Mungyeong Saejae and Ssangnyong Valley. From the European-style building, landscaping, and stonework to the most detailed decorations, the harmony of nature and man is at the heart of the resort. Located between the metropolitan area and the Southern regions, the resort can be easily accessed from any part of Korea.
    STX Resort offers two types of guest rooms, the deluxe and suite accommodations, which come with the finest hotel-grade quality decor and services. The recreational and offsite meeting facilities, equipped with various advanced acoustics and lighting systems, also make STX Resort the optimal venue for training sessions, banquets, and workshop events for any business.

    FS Business Division
    STX Resort operates mass catering and dining services as well as premium restaurants mainly in the metropolitan areas, including the Seoul and Yeongnam districts in southeast Korea. By using the freshest seasonal ingredients and its strictly managed cooking system, STX Resort not only guarantees excellent flavor and style, but also delivers its value of realizing the healthy lives of its customers.
  • STX Resort

    Korea spends billions of dollars each year on purchasing aircrafts and parts to meet the increasing demand for civil and military aircrafts. At the same time, the maintenance and repair of the aircraft consumes tremendous amount of money every year. Particularly, major components in the propulsion system, landing gear system, pressurization system, evacuation system and oxygen system depend on overseas repair, which have consequential impact not only to the trade deficit but to the technological dependence of the industry as well.

    STX aero service
    An aircraft is a combination of comprehensive technologies from almost all areas including mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, construction and chemical industry. By creating a technology-intensive MRO who leads to combine the fundamental technologies of manufacturing industry with the know-how and experience of the airline industry, STX Aero Service will play a role in collaboration and cooperation between the industries to produce synergy.

    Located within the MRO Complex of Incheon International Airport, STX Aero Service is a technology-intensive high-end MRO, using benefits from the hub airport and linking the global aviation network to meet and satisfy the expectation of the stakeholders in aviation industry.
  • STX네트워크서비스

    In the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) converge together with the economy and society, bringing about innovative changes, global interests and preparations for this new era are in full swing.
    In the midst of the flow of these enormous changes, corporations must be able to extend their business by developing and utilizing digital technologies in tune with the new industrial paradigm and global IT environment.

    In order to develop a business model that can respond to the needs of customers, STX group launched a new affiliate called STX Network Services in July 2019, with the purpose of providing comprehensive SI projects such as IT consulting and system construction, integrated management, and IT outsourcing, along with the purpose of providing IT consulting services and integrated platforms that are tailored to and focusing on the shipping and port logistics industries in conjunction with STX Group's affiliates.

    STX Network Service
    Business Areas
    • Integrated infrastructure building(System, Network, Security)
    • IT solution (System, Network, Security)
    • IT Consulting (Infrastructure Consulting, Solution Consulting, Security Consulting)
    • IT Outsourcing (Integrated Maintenance)

    STX Network Service promises to become an IT professional service company that can lead the rapidly changing IT paradigm through continuous creation and timely securing of these specialized technologies and advanced manpower.
  • PK valve

    Established in 1946, PK Valve became the first company housed in the Changwon National Industrial Complex in 1974. Since its inception, it has strived to grow into Korea’s number one industrial valve manufacturer handling every relevant process, from product development, design and modeling to testing, casting, machining, assembly, inspection, painting and packaging, on its own with an integrated production system.

    STX Network Service

    Leading the industry building on quality control and production systems in compliance with global standards, the company aims for customized manufacturing and tailored services while running systematic production programs to meet the demands of each client as well as industrial standards and regulations.

    PK Valve has developed valve products for nuclear power generation, cryogenic high temperature and pressure through?70 years of continuous R&D efforts, aggressive investment and top-notch quality management. The products have found their way into not only the domestic market but more than 70 countries around the world. They are currently in use in various industrial settings such as petrochemical plants and oil refineries, nuclear power stations, gas and LNG facilities, marine, desalination and environmental plants, etc.

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