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Shipping & Logistics

STX is running a ship chartering and hiring project that includes regular chartering, bulk chartering, etc. in a stable manner using its own ships that were acquired through investment in ships, and is planning to play the role of a tonnage provider to promote cooperation and coexistence with domestic small and medium ship companies in the future as well. STX is actively developing its ship brokerage sales activities based on its broad domestic and overseas network, and will be able to meet the needs of customers through the execution of projects for various kinds of ships in a way that will surpass current standards and procedures, and will be able to realize sustainable growth and stable profit creation by instigating new projects in the marine/logistics sector that are connected to activities in the trade sector.

Owned Vessel Operations

항만의 컨테이너 운반 사진 컨테이너 선박 사진

STX is stably operating its own private ships such as 2 bulk ships of 32.5K and 2 chemical product transportation ships of 12.8K based on a long-term contract for regular chartering(T/C out) and bulk chartering(BBC out). STX is transporting bulk cargoes such as hardwood, steel, fertilizer, etc. on the basis of a long-term chartering contract that runs to 2016 with a domestic superior charterer for bulk ships of 32.5K and is transporting chemical products on the basis of a bulk chartering contract that runs to 2019 for a tanker of 12.8K.

Sales & Purchases

선박건설 현장 사진 사업관련 고객과의 업무협의 사진

The S&P project, an existing major source of earnings, is creating continuous wealth through new shipbuilding activities, used ship brokerage sales, ship scrap brokerage, project financing, etc. STX has specialized competitiveness and abundant know-how in S&P projects such as establishing a contract for the brokerage of a total of 30 or more newly built ships and the brokerage of 20 or more used ships or dismantled ships to domestic and overseas ship owners and shipbuilders. STX plans to expand its activities and interests throughout this whole business sector to include the brokerage of special-purpose ships and advancement into offshore projects in the future.

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