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STX, as a global trader and business organizer, has four core competencies in Energy Trading, Commodity 
Trading, Machinery & Engine Trading, and Shipping & Logistics, based on its accumulated know-how and 
rich experience around the globe.

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Energy Trading
We secure stable and reliable coal supply from countries including Indonesia and Australia. We are also the only non-oil company operating storage facilities for petroleum products in Korea, and are actively involved in widening business opportunities in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.
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Commodity Trading
We focus on the development of new markets worldwide. In particular, We concentrate on non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, zinc, and nickel. We also import and export steel products including HRC, CRC, and steel plates to our customers in both domestic and international markets.
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Machinery & Engine Trading
We supply industrial items such as plant equipment and marine diesel engines. Deepening its focus on developing countries in Africa and South America, We participate in infrastructure development projects. We are also active in the defense industry with its close partnership with the Korean defense industry.
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Shipping & Logistics
We provide total solutions in the purchase, operation & maintenance, and resale of vessels by co-operating with its subsidiary, STX Marine Service. For stable revenue generation, We operate its own fleets in the global shipping market.
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Machinery & Engine Trading
STX is trading various industrial raw materials such as limestone, clinker/cement, manganese, plaster, etc. based on a careful analysis of global industrial raw material trends. In addition, STX is supplying superior consumer goods such as food, clothing, daily supplies, etc. based on a broad distribution network at a competitive price. STX is also broadening its business areas by promoting project businesses of high value including the LED related products.
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