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STX is spurring the exploration of new markets and the development of new projects in globally strategic markets such as Asia, America, Africa, the Middle East, CIS, etc. based on its solid global network and abundant trading experience while promoting existing businesses to secure sustainable management. Especially, STX is executing business activities to promote coexistence with customers by developing domestic and overseas living consumer goods and industrial goods of good quality.

Water Well Construction Project in Africa

콩고공화국 지하수개발 프로젝트 사진

STX is creating values in new areas through various new projects by positively promoting the high value business of project property positively including LED related products as a part of securing new growth engines.

Plant Equipments

디젤발전플랜트 건설 사진

We construct diesel power generation plants, installs power transmission networks, supplies plant materials, and provides plant O&M in Latin America and Africa. And We supply the machinery and electric facilities used for industrial power plants.

Rail Track Business

철도 차량 사진

STX is enlarging its business area by supplying excellent consumer goods such as food, clothing, daily supplies, etc. at a competitive price by understanding the needs of consumers based on a broad network and large global distribution networks. In addition, STX is advancing into the domestic and overseas online/offline field by expanding its activities into the B2C business as well as conducting B2B transactions.

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