STX Corporation

Energy Trading

STX Corporation is procuring coal of good quality from various places in the world and supplying it to various domestic/overseas consumers on time. We are supplying the coal produced in Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, US and Colombia stably to consumers such as cement plants, cogeneration plants and KEPCO in Korea. STX is reinforcing its position in the petrochemical product market based on the performance of its Singaporean and Southeast Asian branches, oil hubs in Asia. We are establishing a new business model beyond the existing petrochemical product sector, and is securing the highest competitiveness in the Asian petrochemical product market through this.


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STX has been supplying in a stable manner more than 2 million tons of coal a year for more than 12 years to large-scale consumers such as cogeneration plants, cement plants, general industry, etc. in Korea. STX also started supplying coal to the KEPCO’s affiliates from 2004 and we recently successfully concluded a 5-year long-term contract with the KEPCO’s affiliates. In addition, STX has grown into a major trader in the global coal market by buying Indonesian mine shares in 2010 and supplying 1 million tons a year of coal produced in Australia and Indonesia to the Chinese and Indian market. STX is expanding its business continuously by understanding the unique characteristics of the coal supplying business and fully meeting the needs of consumers based on the expertise the company has accumulated over a long period of time.


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STX is executing the trading of various petroleum products such as gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, Jet fuel oil, etc. and is seeking the expansion of business areas through targeting consumers in Southeast Asia. STX is also supplying bunker-C oil to large shipping companies in each country of the world such as Korea, China, Singapore, UAE, Russia, etc. In the petrochemical sector, STX is exporting aromatic raw materials such as BTX, SM, etc., and synthetic resins such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PVC, etc. which are the raw materials for plastic products, and natural rubber products such as RSS, latex, etc. STX is also promoting a cross trade system through the diversification of suppliers using our overseas network including the products of domestic oil refinery companies and petrochemical companies.

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