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Commodity Trading

STX operates in the export, import and trilateral trade of non-ferrous metals including aluminum, zinc, nickel and stainless steel based on its global networks all over the world. As a global leading trader, STX has also outstanding capability of securing supply and business operation, which allow to make a firm position in the ranks of the world leaders. STX is also buying and selling various steel products as well as raw material for steelmaking. STX is achieving the constant expansion of trading areas based on its global networks and accumulated know-how, and is set to become a global steel trader with global competitiveness in the steel field thanks to its customer-oriented services and endless innovation.

Steel business

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STX is contributing to the production of competitive steels by procuring pig iron, scrap, billet, alloy iron, etc., which are raw material for steelmaking, using networks in each country around the world and supplying products to domestic and overseas steel makers. STX is also playing the role of a global value innovator by supplying various steel products such as steel plate, hot/cold rolled steel, plated/coated steel, bar shape steel, wire rod/wire, pipes, steel section, rebar, etc. as an industrial material to the domestic and overseas core industry groups in construction, automobiles, home appliances, shipbuilding, etc. STX is securing competitive prices and quality services for its customers through close relationships with major steel producers in the world especially in China, Japan and India, etc. as well as in Korea.

Metal business

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STX has established its expertise in non-ferrous metals trading through vast experience in the sector. Reliable business partners mainly from India, Australia and the Middle East as well as extensive global networks allow STX to fulfill what the market needs regardless of quality and price. Apart from positioning itself as a leading trader in commodities including aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel and stainless steel, STX is also actively involved in resource development to expand its business scope. With Ambatovy Nickel Mine in Madagascar, STX will take a leap forward as a sustainable commodity trading company.

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